Who We Are

The Daughters Collective is a womyn's artist collective, creating work across all disciplines. Producing events rooted in ritual and mythology, The Daughters seek to marry old world traditions and stories to modern perspective.

Formerly called Daughters of Elysium, the collective was initially founded in 2014. Their inaugural production was The Cave: A Folk Opera at The Hollywood Fringe Festival. As a completely woman-run company, their goal was to produce work inspired by ancient ritualistic theatrical traditions that centered around female-driven stories. The Daughters finished their time in Hollywood with an extended run and received multiple awards and recognition for their production. 

In 2016 The Daughters relaunched in New York City to build upon the work they started in Hollywood with an intention to include more members, increase content, and therefore engage a wider community. The core company has grown to over 15 diversely talented women. The artists’ mediums include performing, writing, poetry, filmmaking, visual arts, dance, directing, and more. You name it, Daughters has a woman that can do it, and will do it with meaning, understanding, and reverence.