Notes On Restructuring

Dear Daughters,

Katrina here! In case you weren't at the last meeting, you might have noticed some fairly big news in the notes from the meeting, and I wanted a chance to explain more fully. 

I have been studying acting most of my life, and I have doubted myself and formed back up plans and acted on back up plans for just as long. Nothing makes pursuing acting easy. However, after my time as Artistic Director with all of you, and my time as a Production Management Intern at Signature, I have learned that while I think all parts of theatre are beautiful and magical, there is really only one path for me. So I have decided to take the plunge, and pursue acting fully. 

In order for me to do that, I need to step down as your Artistic Director. I will still be a part of the company as an actor, and as I was the one who first brought Andromache to the table, I will line produce the production. I am still very passionate about that body of work and the things we can pull out of it. 

So that's all really! There's a slight re-structuring going on, with the main thing being that Melanie is now our sole director. If you have any questions or concerns about specifically the change in my role in the company, feel free to call or text at (206)850-1633. And if you have any questions or concerns about the re-structuring in another way, feel free to bring it up at the next meeting! These meetings are meant to be a place for people to air concerns, in addition to talking about the amazing work we've done thus far. 

Thanks and love to all, 
Katrina Mattson 


Dear Daughters,

Firstly I want to share how proud I am of Katrina for following her passion. It is not an easy task and I support her one hundred percent. I also want to say a few words about the restructuring and what it will mean for DOE to have one director - 

I feel confident in our ability to change and adapt as our collective grows. DOE at its core needs to exist in fluidity, as it was born to evolve based on our participation at any present moment. With this new chapter, we will be releasing the structure of having a season, and with that will come more opportunities. We will move through events with changing roles and levels of involvement, which will allow all of us to be flexible in our participation. My hope is that this will encourage everyone to feel integral to the collective and passionate about the work. 

With that said, DOE is only as strong as its members, and I want you to know that each and every one of you are extremely important. Whether or not you can attend every meeting, are creatively involved, or administratively involved, your presence to the processes of growing and shaping our collective, and on a smaller scale, bringing our events and content to life, is always wanted and needed. 

I know that attending the meetings can be difficult, but I want to remind you that we are no longer identifying ourselves as a company, we are collective and more importantly, a community. These meetings are not only to work through details about events, or to navigate through our ever changing structure, but to establish a gathering of women. I firmly believe, and I know you all do as well, that when women come together, Magic happens. Women have been gathering under the guise of creation since the primordial societies of all of our ancestors. This is why we call ourselves Daughters. We are the Daughters of the women who in both times of peace and oppression, continue to create of themselves.

I am excited to take on the role as the sole director of DOE, as Katrina's passion is acting, mine is facilitating and creating work with women artists. Since I have more responsibilities than I did before, I will be reaching out to you for help. This is where the roster that Gabby sent out will be extremely useful. Please include your skills, artistically and otherwise, that you are willing to contribute to the collective. I will need to offer more responsibility to those interested and available at any given time!

On another note - we will be introducing another element of the collective: online content! We have a DOE blog, and I would love for you all to contribute. If you have an idea for content, let me know! I am open to everything in line with our aesthetic and mission. Lifestyle, Art, DIY, Reviews, Musings, Poetry, Music, Videos... etc. If you are interested in helping to manage and/or curate the online content, let me know! This is a great way to stay involved you are out of town, or just unable to attend a meeting.

Thank you for reading the whole email Daughters! You're the best. See you next month for our June meeting! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. 

Love & Warmth,

May Meeting Notes

DOE Monthly Meeting: May 21, 2017


DAUGHTERS PRESENT: Melanie, Susie, Rachael, Sarah, Gabriella, Meg, Katrina, Lacy Rose, Lily


1)   Company Structure

a.     More detail in Section 6

b.     There will be a change in structure

                                               i.     With a leadership shift: Melanie will take on sole director responsibility

                                              ii.     Katrina is happier pursuing performance; will step down from her artistic director role

1.     Katrina will serve as line producer for Andromache

2.     All other needs go to Melanie

2)   Andromache

a.     Now starting to reach outside the company for a director

b.     Alexis still working on a translation – but a working translation still in the gathering phase from Katrina

                                               i.     Therefore the focus is on the director search for now à pushing back the date

a.     Perhaps a translation of key scenes would speed up process. But the scale of the show needs to be paired down in general before we can move forward

c.      Ideally, production will happen in late August, but will know for sure when director/space/production etc. are all in check

d.     Church location: Andromache will happen in a church

                                               i.     If you know any churches that could be good to handle a performance like this, talk with Katrina

1.     Belarusian church off Atlantic/Barclays

2.     Sam’s aunt’s church

3.     Lutheran church off Christopher Street – artist and LGBTQ friendly

4.     Melanie’s voice coach’s church

e.     Shall we apply for a production-specific grant?

                                               i.     Kickstarter video is coming

3)   THOSE GIRLS – a reading in co-presentation

a.     Gabriella’s friend/colleague Isabelle Barbier, an actress/playwright, is finalizing her play THOSE GIRLS – based on the women from THE CRUCIBLE, if they were millenials

                                               i.     She has been offered a space at Dixon Place on June 22nd. She wants to present a reading of the play with DOE.

1.     Music stand reading with light staging when seen fit. Light props. No costumes. No technical cues (aside from pre-show music).

2.     3-4 rehearsals, can happen in HOMES (Gabriella’s or Isabelle’s)

3.     Gabriella will line produce, but she will be out of town for the reading (and starting June 18th until the 26th).

a.     If you would like to co-line produce with Gabriella, let her know. Much of work will happen prior to reading – she just wants a point person for the day-of reading.

                                              ii.     Isabelle and her friend are already cast in the reading – we need 2 more actresses and 1 director

1.     Anyone interested in acting or directing, email Gabriella.

                                            iii.     Making money: We need to fill 20 seats MINIMUM. Ideally 50 so we can receive a payment from Dixon Place to recoup.

1.     Tickets are free for the event, but Dixon Place pays a certain amount based on seats filled ($75 for 20-30 (?) seats, $125 for 50).

a.     Hoping to split what we make between DOE and those involved in reading

b.     Double checking with Isabelle to see what her company can also provide

                                            iv.     Publicity:

1.     She loves our imagery! Rachael will be providing a poster.

2.     We hope with our networks and Isabelle’s, we’ll be able to have a wide net of friends to join us

a.     The gallery show may be near to this reading, but using this reading for our own publicity could be helpful.

b.     Melanie will be doing marketing

                                              v.     Director call when script is finished

1.     Which will be SOON (Gabriella is lovingly pressuring Isabelle to finish her goddamn play)

4)   Women’s Work Gallery Show:

a.     Maybe in July

                                               i.     Location: Peace Galleries – have two spaces. One in Chez Bushwick, the other a new beautiful space also in Morgantown that is currently in the lease-signing phase

1.     We want the new one! Partially outside, yay foot traffic, – good for summer – and we could be the gallery’s inaugural event

a.     Profit: split – from opening party, between us and the gallery

                                                                                                     i.     Peace takes 25% - 30% of work sold, DOE receives rest

2.     All artists previously assigned are still on board

                                              ii.     Opening party:

a.     Early July – after the 4th, but will try for before the 13th

2.     CALL FOR PERFORMANCES! Inspired by women’s work!! Send to Melanie

a.     Performance might take place outside. Gallery will be handling the permits?

5)   Other projects:

                                               i.     With restructuring we should all be submitting projects we’d like to do with DOE

1.     Goal: more 1-night productions! And no pay to play!

b.     Lacey is finishing her record!! Would love to do a release party!

                                               i.     Rachael doing cover art!

                                              ii.     Starting to look into venues for a party

1.     Would loooove McKittrick, and we have a couple of connections with the adjacent bars, but if you have other venues in mind that are similar, send!

c.      Meg is expanding Bacchus Effect into a trilogy.

                                               i.     Would love to look into working on it in a developmental platform – with a goal for production for part 2 in early/mid-2018

1.     Devo labs would be great for this! Gabriella and Bella have mentioned a writers group in the past – to support and develop new work.

a.     Suits our new collective structure

b.     Helps along the way to production

c.      Starting small to help people feel engaged

2.     Slow build up – creating Bacchus Effect team

6)   Thoughts on the restructuring:

a.     Engaging in a company when not engaged in a project is hard

                                               i.     Each person taking a title – have tried in past, but works differently in theory rather than in practice

1.     And titles can change

                                              ii.     Changing are roles and responsibilities based on need and based on project

b.     No more season planning

                                               i.     Settling down with fluidity as a collective rather than a company

c.      How to propose projects:

                                               i.     Making decisions outside of meetings is welcome

1.     Project to project proposals sent to Melanie AND to group meetings or over email between monthly meetings

d.     Roster: Gabriella sending around a roster of everyone’s knowledge, skills, and other ways they can support other members of DOE

                                               i.     Google doc: Everyone fill in their space

e.     WOW café theatre’s theory: if you do something for me, I do something for you.

                                               i.     Example: If you do my publicity, I’ll paint your set.

1.     Not a source of debt, but support

f.      Core company: do we need to determine tiers of support?

                                               i.     Or do we need to change our coats for different weathers – when we can change around how we show up based on each project

g.     How to hang out together:

                                               i.     Weekday evening hangs rather than a weekend afternoon?

h.     Feeling involved while not physically present: The more responsibility given to the group and to each individual in each group, the more they will show up to support

                                               i.     Giving tasks when needing help. Giving tasks before meeting à incentive to show up

i.       Website: we should all have access to the website – or someone should be Web Czar, (but they can’t lose the passwords!)

                                               i.     For us to have calendars, budgets, contacts, meeting notes, etc. all the things that help us participate better

1.     Our site is through Square Space

7)   DOE blog

a.     Melanie has started a DOE blog

b.     Communicating with our audience in an offstage way

c.      Capitalizing on our already flourishing online presence

d.     We should all take turns contributing

                                               i.     Monthly?

1.     Content should range from our own interests in incorporating spirituality/ritualizing in our own lives as self-care (Melanie gave the example of lifestyling as a jumping off point), to content that reflects/promotes the work we do as artists

2.     Outside submissions too

3.     Themes explored based on our productions

                                              ii.     Email Melanie to contribute. A revolving calendar will develop.